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Endorsed by Victor Davis Hanson as Conservative
Victor Davis Hanson wrote (scroll to bottom of original link for comments on Col. Gibson):

“I know about a dozen congressmen, and have met some senators. But in New York’s 20th Congressional District this year one of the rarest individuals I have ever met is now running for Congress, and as a first-time candidate. He is a conservative, but then so are hundreds of office seekers. Chris Gibson, however, is different from the rest of us.

His past is almost mythical: PhD from Cornell, author of a good book on military/civilian relations, 24 years in the military, retired at rank of colonel, West Point instructor, 7 overseas deployments (4 in Iraq), a medal winner for gallantry (4 bronze stars), wounded in battle (purple heart) — it goes on and on. I met him when he was a security fellow at Hoover, and again in Iraq when deployed in Anbar province during the surge in 2007. I don’t think I have ever met anyone quite like him — fearless, soft-spoken, 19th century in belief and comportment, honest. I hope readers will learn about his candidacy. I lamented his retirement because I think he would shortly have been promoted to general, and would eventually follow in the Petraeus mold, in the best sense of that characterization.

In addition, I am sure that the DNC strategy this fall will devolve into personally denigrating new candidates, given that liberal incumbents in purple districts won’t be able to run on the presidential record of the last two years. But all that said, if we are going to save the country, we need leaders like Gibson, who has always lived the life he advocates. I wish him well. He reminds me of my neighbors now all gone, who used to show up on the farm around 1960, when at 7 I would hide behind the tractors and listen in on them talk with my grandfather — an old breed that is so sorely missed.”