Sharron Angle



To read article in its entirety: The Emerging New GOP Leadership in American Spectator

Sharron Angle took on the political establishment in Nevada and won. I am not talking about her recent, stirring, come from behind primary victory over 10 other candidates to win the GOP nomination to oppose Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

In 2003, the political establishment in the state in both parties wanted yet another tax increase. But the Nevada constitution wisely required a two-thirds supermajority to pass tax hikes, ensuring that only increases with broad support could gain approval. State Assemblywoman Sharron Angle rallied a third of the Nevada House to oppose the increase. The political establishment blew off both Angle and the state constitution, and purported to pass the increase with a simple majority.

Taxpayer groups sued. Even though the constitution included no exceptions to the two-thirds requirement, the state supreme court made one up, a huge loophole that effectively said the requirement did not apply to tax increases for important purposes, and this increase was for education. This shows how quickly our country can descend into Venezuela, or Argentina.

That didn’t stop Angle. She not only took the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. She supported recall drives against all the Justices of the state supreme court who joined in laughing off the state constitution. Some resigned under the pressure, others were removed. A newly reconstituted court then reversed the prior case, upheld the state constitution, and struck down the tax increase.

A consistent record of brave, conservative, grassroots leadership like this, and her consistently conservative, free market positions on current issues across the board, is why she won the recent primary, with the endorsements of the Tea Party, the Club for Growth, Phyllis Schlafly, and national radio talk show hosts Mark Levin and Lars Larson.

Recent polls show her already leading Reid 50% to 39%. Reid not only voted for, but led enactment of, the TARP bank bailouts, President Obama’s wasted and failed trillion dollar stimulus, and the Obama budgets with their explosive runaway spending, record shattering deficits, one-third increase in federal welfare spending, and more national debt than all prior Presidents combined. In return, the people of Nevada now enjoy the highest unemployment rate in the country, higher even than Depression-plagued, Democrat Michigan, along with the highest rates of home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies.

Together, Reid, Obama, and their San Francisco Democrat colleague Nancy Pelosi are leading a fundamental attack on the standard of living of the middle class, with their government health care takeover that creates 159 new federal bureaucracies to govern the health care essential to the lives of everyone you love, their cap and trade assault on the energy supply that fuels your job, your home, and your family car, and their scheduled across the board tax piracy next year against the nation’s employers.

But Angle is not just standing pat with her withering critique of Let’s Make a Deal Harry Reid, who foolishly said during the health care debate that if your Congressional representatives are not cutting special deals for your state they are not doing their job. She is advancing a positive vision to restore traditional American prosperity and economic growth.

She understands, unlike President Obama, that the incentives of low marginal tax rates are what promotes jobs and economic growth. So she supports replacing the current income tax code entirely with a simpler, flatter, fairer tax. She favors a 15% corporate income tax rate to replace the current 35% rate that is killing American jobs and prosperity with the second highest overall corporate tax rates in the industrialized world. And she would repeal President Obama’s scheduled tax increases next year of nearly 60% for capital gains tax rates, and almost 300% for corporate dividends, reestablishing 15% rates for cap gains and the corporate dividends on which many retirees rely as well. The death tax, however, would enjoy a complete, well-deserved execution.

She is committed next to balancing the federal budget over her first term by shoehorning federal spending into the revenues that would be generated by this explosively pro-growth tax system. She would immediately terminate all TARP bailouts, and rescind all unspent “stimulus” spending. She would return all federal spending to the 2007 budget levels (when the deficit was one-tenth of today’s $1.6 trillion), except for Social Security, Medicare and federal debt interest. Also unlike President Obama, she favors true financial industry reform by dissolving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and restoring their roles to the private sector.

She favors as well fundamental reforms to solve the long-term entitlement crisis without tax increases. These include the freedom to choose personal accounts for Social Security for younger workers. She would also extend the enormously successful 1996 reforms of the old AFDC welfare program to dozens of other federal welfare programs, sending welfare back to the states where it belongs. Like President Reagan, she also favors restoring the lead role in education back to the states as well, rather than in the federal Department of Education. She also supports repealing the Reid/Obama health care takeover, and replacing it with alternative Patient Power reforms based on expanding the power and control of patients and their doctors over their own health care.

All of her primary foes have now endorsed her. This is no time for the politics as usual of old, tax increasing, establishment foes she has defeated in the past playing footsie with now defunct Harry Reid. As Newt Gingrich explained above, the fundamental future and even survival of America is at stake like almost never before. I am sure a strong majority of Nevadans will understand that, and retire all of the old boy network, Democrat or Republican, that doesn’t.