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Sharron Angle (Nevada)

Sharron Angle is a conservative warrior who has fought endless battles against taxes, spending, and liberals in both parties in the Nevada Assembly. Angle is a former teacher, not a career politician. If Sharron Angle defeats Harry Reid in November, it will trigger a political earthquake that will shake Washington to its core. Nothing would do more to stop President Obama and his radical agenda than defeating Harry Reid.

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Ken Buck (Colorado)

Ken is rock-solid on the issues. He’s a commonsense conservative who supports a balanced budget, constitutional limits, and individual liberty. These are the principles of freedom that have made our country great and we desperately need leaders in Washington like Ken who will fight to defend them.

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Mike Lee (Utah)

For Mike, the Constitution is not an abstract idea or a campaign slogan. He knows it is the road map for changing the course of our country. If Mike is nominated today, he will add his voice to the growing number of new Republicans who understand that protecting and defending the Constitution will restore the greatness of America.

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Rand Paul (Kentucky)

Rand Paul is a true conservative who will stand up to the Washington establishment. He has been running on the issues that matter since the beginning of this campaign. He’s a strong advocate for balanced budgets, he wants to end the culture of earmarks, he supports term limits, and he’s 100% pro-life. He’s not a career politician and he’s got the guts to stand up to the massive spending, bailouts, and debt that are being forced on us in Washington.
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Marco Rubio (Florida)

Marco Rubio is the former Speaker of the Florida State House. He’s running against Governor Charlie Crist to replace retired Senator Mel Martinez in the U.S. Senate. Rubio strongly believes in limited government and will fight to stop stimulus spending bills, corporate bailouts, and pork projects. He’s also pro-life and can be counted on to fight for Florida values in the Senate.

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Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania)

Former Congressman Pat Toomey is running to replace five-term Senator Arlen Specter who recently switched parties to become a Democrat. Toomey opposes government bailouts, wants to end wasteful earmarks, and will fight tooth and nail to wrestle power out of the hands of President Obama and career politicians in Congress. Toomey has a 97% lifetime American Conservative Union (ACU) rating and strongly supports the SCF policy goals.

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