Marco Rubio



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“Marco Rubio also served in the state assembly in Florida, rising to Speaker of the House in 2007. He challenged sitting Governor Charlie Crist for the nomination to replace retiring Senator Mel Martinez.

Rubio was also endorsed by the Tea Party, the Club for Growth, and other national conservative leaders. Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, named him “the most pro-taxpayer legislative leader in the country” for his proposal to eliminate state property taxes on primary residences.

Like Angle, Rubio would also eliminate remaining TARP and stimulus spending, and return federal programs to pre-Obama spending levels, maintaining a freeze on non-defense and non-veterans discretionary spending until the budget is balanced. In fact, he favors a balanced budget amendment, and “a flat tax code in America that you could fill out on the back of a postcard and mail in every year.” He would also eliminate the capital gains tax, the tax on corporate dividends, and the death tax.

Rubio won the primary in the court of public opinion before the election was even held. He pulled so far ahead of Crist in the polls that Crist dropped out of the primary and announced he was running as an independent. Now he is not even a RINO. Some commitment to principle.

Crist is a living example of what is wrong with politics in America. He is not a convictions candidate running on principle like Rubio and Angle. It is all about him and whatever it takes to win and stay in power. When he thought Obama was the hot ticket early last year, he embraced Obama and the stimulus, tin cupping for more federal handouts. There is not a single reason for any Republican to vote for him, except for those whose votes are bought and paid for by the Governor’s own political machine. Leave him to fight with Meek for Democrat votes. Crist is only doing as well as he is in the polls because of name ID and because the Democrat is so clueless.”