Carly Fiorina



To read article in its entirety: The Emerging New GOP Leadership in American Spectator.

“Those who have doubted Carly Fiorina’s conservatism should find on YouTube her interviews on the Larry Kudlow show on CNBC. Kudlow was an architect of Reaganomics from his perch in OMB during the early Reagan years. In those interviews, Fiorina displays a thorough understanding of the entire Reaganomics program, and consistent, unqualified, across the board support for it.

She could not be a more perfect opponent for Barbara Boxer. As the former CEO of Hewlitt Packard, she knows from first hand experience what is needed to create jobs and meet international competition in the new globalized world economy. She has an endearing personal story in winning her individual fight with breast cancer, persevering to still step forward to serve her country in this hour of deep crisis. That story shows that she is just the opposite of the self-serving Boxer. She is not in this battle for personal gain at this time in her life.

This column first argued over a year ago that Boxer would be vulnerable in the new political environment Obama’s extreme ultraleftism is creating. The polls show her neck and neck with Fiorina, riding her name ID before Fiorina has even begun her attack, while Fiorina enjoys a far more passionate base for the fall turnout. Those who cannot recognize that the knee-jerk, brain dead, ultraliberal Boxer is just the opposite of what America desperately needs right now are letting their country down. Her unreasoned Senate drive for cap and trade would cause electricity costs to skyrocket, as Obama has explained, and steal away your standard of living, if not your job, with no reasonable justification. She has also has been another vote for the failed Obama stimulus, runaway spending and welfare, explosive deficits and national debt, and government takeover of health care.”