It is very difficult for a candidate to receive our KWTP approval as a conservative candidate. We thoroughly interview and question candidates as to their deeply held beliefs on issues concerning our core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, free markets, and security.

While we are in the process of considering them for our approval, though, there are many conservative candidates worthy of your consideration, financial support, and help. KW TEA Party is proud to list them here, along with any information available to us of their backgrounds, history, and values as well as provide you with links to their websites so you can learn more and possibly help them financially to get elected.



Running against a extreme liberal 30 year incumbent Sephonia Thompson.

Radio Interview with Michael Bunch on KTSU

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Pastor Stephen Broden

 Stephen Broden appeared live on the Glenn Beck show on the Fox News Channel Wednesday, July 14th, at 5 pm Eastern time. WATCH THE PROGRAM.  

Stephen Broden and Dr. Alveda King were guests on the Glenn Beck show on the Fox News Channel Friday, July 16th, at 4 pm, discussing Civil Rights with Glenn. WATCH THE PROGRAM.

Keith Lepor’s Website

Keith Lepor’s Platform

Who is Keith Lepor?

With nearly thirty years of professional, academic and research experience in international relations, international business and international studies, Keith Lepor lends a unique perspective on how to solve our nation’s most critical problems today –abroad and most importantly right here on American soil.

Mr. Lepor, author, foreign and business development analyst, consultant, speaker and recently combat photojournalist, combines his skills to communicate to and with people directly about the importance of a strong national security and energy policy, which in turn he believes will create jobs and turnaround our economy.

A video detailing what Keith learned when embedded in Afghanistan is included on his homepage.

Col. Chris Gibson’s Website 

Click here for videos.

Endorsed by Victor Davis Hanson as Conservative
Victor Davis Hanson wrote (scroll to bottom of original link for comments on Col. Gibson):

“I know about a dozen congressmen, and have met some senators. But in New York’s 20th Congressional District this year one of the rarest individuals I have ever met is now running for Congress, and as a first-time candidate. He is a conservative, but then so are hundreds of office seekers. Chris Gibson, however, is different from the rest of us.

His past is almost mythical: PhD from Cornell, author of a good book on military/civilian relations, 24 years in the military, retired at rank of colonel, West Point instructor, 7 overseas deployments (4 in Iraq), a medal winner for gallantry (4 bronze stars), wounded in battle (purple heart) — it goes on and on. I met him when he was a security fellow at Hoover, and again in Iraq when deployed in Anbar province during the surge in 2007. I don’t think I have ever met anyone quite like him — fearless, soft-spoken, 19th century in belief and comportment, honest. I hope readers will learn about his candidacy. I lamented his retirement because I think he would shortly have been promoted to general, and would eventually follow in the Petraeus mold, in the best sense of that characterization.

In addition, I am sure that the DNC strategy this fall will devolve into personally denigrating new candidates, given that liberal incumbents in purple districts won’t be able to run on the presidential record of the last two years. But all that said, if we are going to save the country, we need leaders like Gibson, who has always lived the life he advocates. I wish him well. He reminds me of my neighbors now all gone, who used to show up on the farm around 1960, when at 7 I would hide behind the tractors and listen in on them talk with my grandfather — an old breed that is so sorely missed.”


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From National Review – Raymond J. Keating
David Malpass Runs for Senate: A candidate who gets it on the economy.

How about a senator from New York who actually understands how the economy works?

Economist David Malpass is squaring off against former Nassau County legislator Bruce Blakeman in a Republican primary, with the winner taking on U.S. senator Kirsten Gillibrand in November.

For over 20 years, I’ve been writing about and interviewing New York politicians. And it always frustrates, but never surprises, when politicians turn out to be clueless on economics.

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From the article at PajamasMedia:
(interview follows videos)

Back in 2003, few Americans had heard of Lt. Col. Allen West, then commanding a battalion of roughly 600 in Iraq.

Attacks on his platoon suddenly spiked, and his intelligence operations got wind of an Iraqi policeman having leaked their maneuvers, in advance, to Islamic terrorists. West got nowhere by interrogating the suspected collaborator for several hours. Ever mindful of his men’s safety — and of a rumored plot to assassinate him and attack the entire battalion — West drew his service revolver and fired near the man’s head. The policeman started talking.

West averted the plot, but also faced a potential court martial, and was called to testify before Congress. “I’d go through hell with a gasoline can” to save his men’s lives, a nonplussed West told Congress.

The Army merely fined West and relieved him of his command, ending his otherwise stellar 22-year Army career.

But to West, every day offers a new opportunity. After briefly teaching in a high school, then serving as a civilian military adviser in Afghanistan, West decided to seek to fulfill his yen for public service from another route. In 2008, he sought the congressional seat in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, running against incumbent Ron Klein. West garnered 48% of the vote, despite raising only $500,000 against Klein’s millions. And in the tradition of his never-say-die, lower-middle class, Atlanta inner-city parents, the late Herman West Sr. and Elizabeth West, the 48-year-old retired lieutenant colonel is running again — more resolute than ever.


LTC Allen West speaking at  Fort Lauderdale Tea Party 7/3/10

Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West At The Revolution / American Freedom Tour

On Islam

INTERVIEW: From PajamasMedia

A New Fight: Lt. Col. Allen West Pursues a House Seat
March 22, 2010 – by Alyssa A. Lappen

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Isaac Hayes

 From the article below: 

For the first time in decades, district residents are taking notice of the Republican candidate. Earning the endorsement of the Kankakee City News, an African-American-owned newspaper with a circulation of 37,000, Editor James Taylor, Sr. keenly noted the obvious:

Mr. Hayes may have a difficult time convincing the majority to cast a vote for a Republican, but we also recognize that the high unemployment, street and gang violence and underserved schools and communities all have occurred under the representation of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. City News had previously been a long-time endorser of Jackson’s reelection campaigns.



Video of Isaac Hayes in action in Chicago.

Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani of presents Isaac Hayes, Candidate for US Congress-IL (starts around 2 minutes in.)

The Unlikely Republican by Kyle Stone – article on Mr. Hayes in American Thinker

In a year when Republicans aim high to take back the Congress, it seems they haven’t forgotten about fighting the more onerous battles as well, especially in Chicago. Meet dark horse candidate Isaac Hayes.  

No, not the baritone master of soul “Isaac Hayes” — but the South Side congressional candidate waging a serious campaign against Chicago’s Democratic machine. Hayes is the Republican congressional candidate in Illinois’s 2nd district. The 2nd, composed of a majority of black residents since the 1960s, last elected a Republican in 1950. Its current representative, Jesse Jackson, Jr., has served since 1995, enjoying seven landslide reelections. But residents of the district are not alone in permitting liberal-laced Kool-Aid to run through their veins. Long constrained by the Democratic political noose, the Windy City has been appallingly inhospitable to Republicans, and ground zero for conservative irrelevance — or so one might think.  

Hayes, however, is part of a growing contingent of vocal Chicago conservatives. A 36-year-old reverend who grew up in the troubled Chicago community of Woodlawn (he’s black, just in case you were wondering), Hayes is not without his own South Side biography. As an ordained minister at the Apostolic Church of God (the location of Obama’s 2008 Father’s Day speech), his duties range from delivering theological homilies to teaching rehabilitative strategies to local gang members. A lifelong Democrat, Hayes woke up from his geographical and ethnic indoctrination in 2006, converting to the GOP after an ideological epiphany. Akin to the famous expression, Hayes recognized the insanity of perpetuating liberal policies and expecting different results.    

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